Slice of lime with that?

Imagine making a cocktail for a stranger. Where would you start? Step one. Find out what type of cocktails this person loves best. Smooth? Sharp? Set on fire? Next, choose the best spirits, liquors and mixers for the job. Then measure accurately and mix carefully. You want the balance just right. Tasting good? Time for the detail. We’re talking about cherries on sticks and sugar around the rim of the glass. Boom. You’ve just nailed a damn fine beverage.

Writing great copy is the same as making cocktails for strangers.

The cocktail is your copy, the stranger is your reader. For copy to be effective you need to know as much as possible about who the reader is. Only then can you work out how to get your message across in a way they will find engaging. And just like a good cocktail, your message must be perfectly balanced. No more, no less. What about the detail? Well, that’s when you get surgical with your draft copy and tweak until perfect. Until the glass is sugared.

Cheers. Here’s to great copy…