From school haikus to full-time freelancing.

I first realised that, for me, writing was about much more than spelling capital cities correctly or writing meaningless school haikus when I began reviewing albums and gigs for music websites. Nine years later I became a freelance copywriter, writing anything for anyone who wanted it. That led to a job at a copywriting agency in Devon, where I stayed for two years. I’m now a full-time freelancer who has completed projects for brands like Actimel, Timberland and LG.

I write because I love it.

I love putting the first words on a fresh, blank page. And I love deleting them all and writing the same thing again, but better. I don’t believe you need a certain qualification to be a good persuasive writer. But you do need to be prepared to break down sentences and be fascinated by the meanings of words. I got plenty of practice at both while completing an Honours Degree in English Language Studies at Cardiff University.

But I like other things too…

When I’m not writing I’ll be in my bedroom playing guitar, in the kitchen being awful at cooking, in the pub watching Chelsea (the football team, not a barmaid) or somewhere in Bristol watching a band.